• Collaborate

    Partnership is a key practise of the KGL Foundation.

    Our focus is on uplifting indigenous ideas, for we believe Ghanaian issues rely predominately on Ghanaian-led solutions.

    We work across the spectrum, working with the grassroots, educational institutions, private sector entities and other foundations.

    We work as 50/50 partners with all our beneficiaries and they play an active role in the creation and implementation of our projects.

  • Empower

    The heart of the KGL Foundation’s activities are in underrepresented communities.

    Our approach is very direct and hands-on.

    We have spent time in these communities, engaging with people of all levels; from community leaders to children.

    We believe in creating more personal connections with our beneficiaries in order to create a level of trust and mutual respect.

    Our strategy is not in creating projects based solely on research, but projects created from direct dialogue with members of the communities we wish to elevate so they can educate us on how they want to be elevated.

    All our projects value sustainability, ensuring that these communities have the tools, resources and confidence to empower themselves long after the projects have ended.

  • Innovate

    Rather than following Western style giving approaches, we aim to integrate traditional Ghanaian giving within a more modern framework.

    By partnering with established grassroots innovators, we put their solutions to the forefront of our initiatives.

    We believe in endorsing new talent in order to create innovative, community-based solutions, rather than solely relying on existing models developed by people who are not from these communities.

  • Health & Sports
  • Arts & Culture
  • Youth Empowerment/Entrprenuership