About us

Created as the corporate social responsibility arm of the KGL Group, the KGL Foundation seeks to innovate the current system of philanthropy.

We engage from the grassroots to government institutions, collaborating together to create sustainable and meaningful impact.

Through our approach, we wish to effectively address the multitude of social and economic issues in this country.

Our end goal is for every Ghanaian to have the opportunity to be the architect of their own dreams.

Mission Statement

To facilitate a lasting and positive change in the lives of underserved and disadvantaged communities and individuals by providing them with opportunities to develop and become self-dependent and self-reliant.

Vision Statement

A Ghanaian Society's that is healthy, innovative, self-sustaining and self-developed.

Why the Initiative?

The KGL Foundation is dedicated to building a stronger and more inclusive Ghana.

We believe the only way to do this is for Ghanaians to invest in Ghanaian-led solutions, and turn inward to uplift ourselves rather than relying on foreign aid and international NGOs.

We are in a unique position to have access to the funds and resources our parent company KGL Group offers, the larger share of these resources will be poured into supporting and uplifting our beneficiaries; from the grassroots to the private sector.