The KGL Foundation Scholarship

The mission of KGL Foundation Scholarship is to provide, through the award of scholarships and other educational program development, the recognition of, assistance to and encouragement of students with outstanding potential for long range contribution to the development of our society.


The scope of this program is not limited to programme as the overall approach of the program is to recognize as many outstanding students, especially women and other marginalised and disadvantaged groups. By recognizing and supporting student and academic excellence, this program can significantly contribute to the development of brilliant individuals in their academic pursuit and career development.


What you need to Know about the KGL Foundation Scholarship for Education

The KGL Foundation runs an educational scholarship for students in the formal and informal sectors of education. For both formal and informal education, our scholarships cover tuition, boarding and stipends for students at the basic, secondary and tertiary or vocational levels of education in Ghana. Once a while, we provide scholarship support for exceptionally brilliant students who have gained admission to study programmes in international universities. These academic programmes are programmes not offered in or by Ghanaian universities.


Timeline for Application of Scholarships

Our scholarship support is offered twice annually - September and February – and subject to the availability of funds. All applications received before these dates will only be considered during the stated opening period.



Criteria for Application

All applicants must submit an essay stating why they are applying for the scholarship and why they must be awarded the scholarship. They must indicate the type of scholarship they are applying for, state the amount required and must in the essay must indicate how the scholarship will benefit and improve their lives, their society and the country at large. They must also share results of their academic performance and letter of admission from the institution of study. Sharing of this information does not however, guarantee an award of a scholarship. Also, applicants must submit a curriculum vitae. The essay should be no more than two pages.


Applicants will be shortlisted based on our satisfaction with previous academic performance and the content of the letter of application. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview to determine whether they qualify for the scholarship requested.


Kindly note that each application is ranked on its own merit in the context of the academic level of the applicant. The key criterion in evaluation and ranking applications is the prospect for long-term contribution that the granting of an award will make to society. Financial need may be considered as a criterion but not the only need. An applicant’s gender, citizenship, nationality, national origin, religion, and ethnicity may or may not be used as criteria to rank a scholarship applicant. Applicants should be not be an immediate family member of any staff of the KGL Group.


Criteria for New Admissions to a Domestic University

(a) Admission to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program offered by a private or public University in Ghana

(b) Student must have at least credits (A1 - C6 in WASSCE) in English, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science (for science applicants) or Social Studies (for non-Science applicants) and three elective subjects in General Arts/Business/Science/ Vocational, with a total aggregate not exceeding 30.

(c) Student has not enrolled in any undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme previous to commencing at the University;

(d) For continuing students, the student must have a GPA of at least a 3.0.

(e) If the award is a renewable amount that’s paid out annually, as opposed to a one-time award, the student must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA annually or be at risk of forfeiting any future funds.


Criteria for International Students (Limited Opening)

This is a limited opening and rarely offered except in special circumstances. Applicants requiring the Foundation to support studies in international universities must first

(i)    Show proof of admission to the institute of study abroad

(ii)  Show proof that the selected programme of choice is not offered in any Ghanaian university and write an essay no more than two pages on how the programme will be very beneficial to the country.

(iii)         The Foundation will only consider such applications on case-by-case basis. 


Processing of Scholarships

Successful applicants will have their scholarships processed and paid within a period of 22 working days following a successful interview. All successful applicants will be written to within a maximum of 5 working days after they have been interviewed to be informed of the status of their application.


Staff Role in Scholarship Process

No staff of the KGL Foundation has any direct influence on the scholarship process. Applicants must not harass or write to staff for favours regarding a scholarship. We would not tolerate harassment for scholarships through social media handles of any staff. Doing so will mean an automatic disqualification from the process. A member of the Scholarships Selection Committee may refrain from reviewing a particular candidate due to any self-perceived conflict of interest or unbiased evaluation. The Committee shall be notified of such and the following calculations will be modified to reflect the appropriate number of reviewers. All applications and enquiries about the KGL Foundation scholarship must go through the appropriate channel [email protected]


Terms and Conditions of Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded for one academic year except in exceptional cases determined by the scholarship committee. All applicants will sign a contract and must be willing to support the Foundation’s outreach activities when called on to support the activities if or when it is happening close to their institution of study except when they are genuinely unable to do so. Proof will be required for students who want to be exempted during these periodic moments. For students who are awarded scholarships to study in international universities, they must return to their home country two years after completion of academic studies otherwise, they must be willing to refund the entire amount spent on their studies within a period of two years following the date of completion of studies.


Renewal of Scholarships

All applications for support will be treated as new and previously successful applicants who wish to be have their scholarships renewed must send results of their academic performance for the year the KGL Foundation scholarship was granted.